52 Years

Bognor Regis & District 

Training Dogs & Owners since 1967
Affiliated to the Kennel Club of Great Britain

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News & Information
Newshound & Pawprints are the clubs Official News letters and are as required. Articles also appear in the Bognor & Chichester Observer,  Bognor Regis Post and the West Sussex Gazette..




f you would like to train your  Dog,  please contact Hilary or Maureen  for details.

Good Citizens

The Good Citizen tests are designed by the Kennel Club to encourage owners to be responsible for their dogs and make themselves and their pets "Good Citizens".    We run two or three Tests per year with special  training classes held a few weeks before each test. Further information please  contact Helen Sargent or Hilary. 
Full details of the tests and what is required  please click here

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Spacious Hall with non-slip flooring
and plenty of car parking


This site was updated on 14/07/21

  UPDATE JULY 2021   

With some of the restrictions possibly being lifted on 19th July,  the Club are optimistic that training will resume in September, but this will need to be reviewed during August also subject to guidance from the Kennel Club, who we are affiliated to.  This will of course also depend on the Government not changing their mind again. 
 I will hold the places in classes where people have already phoned to let me know they would like to come back and would ask that people continue to let me know whether they still want to come back as places will go quickly.
There will not be any field training at West Meads this year due to limitations with our insurance and of course the Annual Show will also not take place.  

If anyone is having problems with their furbabies in the meantime, please do not hesitate to phone Maureen or I for free advice (Maureen is best for puppies).      

Hilary Sykes
Club Secretary/Trainer



 Training takes place every  Thursday & Friday
at Felpham Village Memorial Hall,
Vicarage Lane, Felpham, PO22 7DZ
precise times being dependent on
the class  

Further details please contact
Maureen on 01243 825475 or maureen.fitzgibbons@sky.com
or Hilary 01243 823313
or hilary.sykes@talktalk.net 

The Club is  Affiliated to the Kennel Club of Great Britain
and has a team of highly experienced Training Instructors.
It is a non Profit making Club, which allows it to keep course fees to a minimum, which are used to cover running costs.
View Club Rules
and Code of Conduct

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A  full range of Club merchandise is available.  
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Those with a keen eye may have noticed that the Clubs web site address is now preceded by an HTTPS and a padlock symbol this denotes that it is a secure site. This will provide security from Hackers and also provide security for visitors to the site.

Did You Know that Your Vet may be part of a large Corporate Group ?:
It is not all that obvious,  but many small Vet practices have now sold out to a large corporate group, but  still retain their old name. Some long-standing clients may know that it was under new management, but to the newcomer, it is not always apparent.

The top 4 Corporate Veterinary Groups in order of the number of individual practices they own are as follows:

(1) The CVS Group, Currently the largest vet group

(2) Independent Vetcare

(3) Pets at Home

(4) Medivet

Though it is extremely difficult to get up to date figures as they appear hidden and guarded, it has been published in 2018 that the big 4 then owned over 30% of the total veterinary practices in the UK by now it will be even more.

In most of these Vets apart from a huge increase in Vet fees the biggest change is often the lack of Out of Hours service. In many practices this has been farmed out to a company called Vets Now and often means a long drive to their facilities, as they usually do not come to your normal Vets.

In 1999 something seismic happened to the Veterinarian Profession. Tony Blair in his infinite wisdom  changed the law to allow non-vets to own veterinary practices. It still requires a Vet to work in that practice but the driving force is often the owners and the returns they get from their practices.

This opened the door to venture capitalists and investors to buy into a tranche of little goldmines, and when that happens money and profit becomes the corporate aim.

full story at https://www.doglistener.co.uk/veterinary-profession-broken


The full statement can be found at
https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/coronavirus/. The following is an extract:

Can training classes be run online?
Yes, online classes are a great way of keeping in touch with your class members and helping them to train their dogs at this difficult time. With a change in their daily routine, and in some cases restricted exercise, dog training can be a very important ‘at home’ activity at for dogs and their owners during this pandemic.

If and when I am around dogs belonging to others, are there any extra precautions I need to take, in addition to social distancing?
The government measures permit one form of exercise a day such as a run, a walk or a cycle, so dog owners, as long as they are well and not showing any symptoms, can walk their pet once a day as part of these exercising guidelines. Households with two or more adults can take it in turns to walk their dog if they usually go more than once a day. When taking your dog out, no one should be making unessential journeys, so don’t travel in your car to walk your dog, and avoid others, staying at least two metres (around three steps) away.

It is also advisable that dogs are exercised on lead to prevent them going close to other people – as this could lead to owners needing to come into close contact with others. Wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you get back from your dog walk and try not to pet other people’s dogs.

Are dogs at risk of contracting the virus and/or spreading the virus?
No, there is no evidence that dogs can get coronavirus.

What if my club will not be able to run the required two Good Citizen Dog Scheme testings or courses per year?
An extension will be granted to all GCDS clubs during this difficult period, and will not recommence until clubs are able to start work again. The time period to achieve this will also be extended.


ANNUAL SHOW planned for Sunday 14th June was  cancelled and will resume in 2021 proceeds will support the Donkey Sanctuary on Hayling Island and Arundawn Dog Rescue.

NEW TERM:  Training Courses have been suspended until further notice for further information please contact  Hilary or Maureen.

Photos  & Schedule click here

We get numerous telephone calls from people wishing to train their dogs with us and when told the fees they are astonished and we usually get "That's cheap!"  . We have run Bognor Regis & District Dog Training Club for over fifty years on a non-profit making basis.   We need to cover the cost of running the club which includes the ever increasing cost of hiring the hall for two evenings a week
We are definitely NOT inferior to the other more expensive Dog training clubs in the area. All of our ten Trainers are fully qualified with the majority having been Trainers for many years and all are unpaid Volunteers.   We cater not only for the "pet" market, but also for people who wish to enter their dogs for competition or for the show ring.   Our three yearly terms are between twelve and fourteen weeks (depending on where Easter falls each Spring).   For this our fees are £30.00 per term for each dog. In addition, we charge £3.00 a year club subscription for each club member.

 ANNIVERSARY: In 2017 the Club celebrated its 50th Anniversary. click here for more

 Facebook page, have a look and contribute, please note there is an unofficial one not authorised by the club  as well.

Code of Conduct: The clubs  Code of Conduct which has been approved by the Kennel Club has been distributed to all members. If you have not seen it please click the link and please ensure that you read it