Bognor Regis & District 



Dates for 2021 :

Classes resume Thursday 9th September NO Friday classes


Christmas Party :

Class Fees & Membership:

Main Classes: 36-00 per Term (12 weeks)

Puppy Class: 20 per  term


Club Membership (mandatory) 3-00 single or Junior (under 15yrs) 2.00 per year
All fees payable in advance by cash or cheque

From 9th. September, there will be TWO Bronze classes, one at 7-8pm and one from 8-9pm
Silver and Gold will be combined at 9-10pm
Once the higher classes start to fill up. They will be divided into Silver and Gold



Training Instructors


Hilary Sykes - The present Club Secretary , a role she has held since 2002, Hilary qualified as a trainer in 2007 and currently has  a Jack Russell.
  Maureen Fitzgibbons - Maureen has been club Treasurer for over thirty years, and has been the regular Puppy Class trainer  since 1998 she has  attended specialist courses with the Academy of Modern Dog Training. Maureen with her dogs have been involved in both obedience competition and breed showing. With Husband Fred, they currently own two Standard Poodles and one miniature.

  Pam Thompson - Pam has been involved with the club for many years, as a Trainer, committee member from 2000 and Chairman from 2003 until 2012.
  Sue Weller - Sue has been a club member for 38 years and a trainer for almost 30 years. She has  attended specialist courses with the Academy of Modern Dog Training and is also  a  Kennel Club accredited Trainer.  She owns a Bearded collie cross.
  Jacky Saunders - Another of the clubs long standing members, Jacky has an immense amount of experience in Dog training and has attended specialist courses with the Academy of Modern Dog Training. She is also one of the areas most successful Obedience competitors gaining numerous local and national  awards with her Golden Retrievers .

Pauline Burtenshaw
- Pauline is the Club Chairman and has been with the Club since 1983 and has been a trainer since 1987. She has trained two of her Flat coated Retrievers  from Pre-beginners through to A Class standard. She is also Club Chairman.



Gaynor Winterman
- A familiar and wellknown figure in the Dog training world for many years. Owning her first German Shepherd in 1963, Gaynor has been a member of the Club since its early days as one of the first members. She is well known as a breed Judge and has been a trainer since the 1960s.

David Vivash
- David is a well known Dog Trainer, having been training dogs for over 30 years. He became  a qualified trainer in 1994 as a BAGSD qualified trainer. David has also Judged at Obedience shows through all classes to advanced level and has also trained the same classes. He owns German Shepherds, two of which he has taken to B level and  advanced at exemption shows.





Puppy Foundation Class (6-30 pm)   
Bronze (7-00pm)

Silver   (8-00 pm)

Gold   (9-00 pm)

Friday (suspended at moment)





Puppy Foundation:    (6.30pm Thursday   evening)
Up to 6 months of age. 

         Looking after your new puppy
Basic Obedience 

Bronze:   (7.00pm  Thursday  evenings)
Teaching dogs walk to heel on lead.    Recalls.    Teaching dogs to sit and down stay in one position.

 Silver:   ( 8.00pm Thursday evenings)
Teaching Heel on Lead.    Heel Free.    Recalls.   Retrieving and staying in a sit and down position for a longer time.

 Gold:  (9.00pm Thursday evenings)
The same lessons as Beginners, but to a higher standard.