If you would like a lasting reminder of your lost companion, please send details to Phil

TEASEL 2002 - 2017
Teasel passed over Rainbow Bridge on Monday 21st November 2017 at the grand age of 14 yrs 7 months.
She was a great character who had a fiesty nature with other Dogs. The other side of her was a sweet, happy and playful dog and that was the Dog that Sue & Doug knew and loved.
She loved to work and retired when she was 12, retrieve was her absolute favourite excercise.
Rest In Peace dear girl we will always miss you  - Sue & Tarli

BIGGSY 2000 - 2016

"Swimming to the rainbow bridge to meet Pepper and swim together again.    
After sixteen years he is sadly missed."

PEPPER - 1987 -2007

Although four years have passed, Pepper is still greatly missed by Hilary, Tony and  Biggsy.
 A regular member at Club, she worked through to Novice, but never actually managed to reach "A" because of her retrieve

MAX - 1998 - 2010
Max was the very loved and much missed companion of Judy Barnett. He was born on 22.6.98 and sadly died on 12.12.10.

FENNEL - 1997 - 2009
The fabulous family member of Phil & Sybil Lewis. Fen started life with a hole in her heart.
Complex surgery at Cambridge Vet College saved her life, something she repaid thousands of times
over. When she was three she had her tail amputated after infection set in after she damaged it by her
enthusiastic wagging. A wonderful very special dog who is still missed but will never be forgotten