In 2017 the Club celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

Way back in 1967 Grace Morris & Pat White were members at the East Preston Dog Training Club which at that time was the only Dog training club in the area. They realised that if they wanted an alternative club, it would mean a trip to Portsmouth, so along with Pete  Ball they decided that a Dog Training Club in the Bognor Regis area was needed.

In September 1967  with Grace Morris rounding up a few interested dog owners and  taking on the role of Secretary, the new club started at the Holy Cross Church Hall at North Bersted.  At first the interest was relatively small and  Harry Jones became one of the first Trainers. A committee was formed under the Chairmanship of Peter Ball,  the committee comprised of Carol Laughlin, Mrs Campbell-Peters, Pat White,  Paddy Ball, and the President was Dave Churchman. After a number of different venues, and a lot of hard work over the years by many people, and the club still going strong.

More of the club History & Photos in Special Edition of Pawprints