Bognor Regis & District 




    END OF TERM RESULTS - April 2019



Pre-beginners (Trainer Mavis Heppell) 

1st.       Sharon King                            Max                             Crossbreed                  PASS

2nd.       June Hills                                Bliss                            Crossbreed                  PASS

3rd.       Karen Hughes                         Daisy                           Crossbreed                  PASS

4th.       John Baker                  `           Leo                              Crossbreed


Novice 1.   (Trainer Pauline Burtenshaw) 

1st.       Jean Mitchell                           Millie                           Cocker Spaniel

2nd.       Helen Krarup                          Tilly                             Springer Spaniel

3rd.       Susie Hackett                          Tanner                         German Shepherd

4th.       Jo Davison                              Abby                           Crossbreed


Novice 2. (Trainer Dave Vivash) 

1st.       David Farr                               Eddie                          Golden Retriever        PASS

2nd.       Kim Brown                             Cody                           French Bulldog

3rd.       Hilary Sykes                            Alaska                         Crossbreed

4th.       Wendy King                            Eric                              Crossbreed



Pre-beginners (Trainer Georgina Wingham) 

1st.       Carole Cripps                          Sisi                              German Shepherd       PASS

2nd.       Angelika Hegedus                  Minnie                         Crossbreed

3rd.       Barbara Turner                        Minnie                         Staffordshire Bull Terrier

4th.       Christine Hobday                    Alfie                            Border Terrier


Beginners (Trainer Gaynor Winterman) 

1st.       Richard Hammond                 Indie                            Cocker Spaniel

2nd.       Paul White                              Wilson                         Crossbreed

3rd.       Sue Hall                                  Louis                           Miniature Poodle

4th.       Peggy Partridge                      Bilbo                           Giant Schnauser


B Class (Trainer Jacky Saunders) 

1st.       Brenda Page                            Shadow                       Border Collie

2nd.       David Page                             Sophie                         Border Collie

3rd.       Georgina Wingham                 Ila                                Novo Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever



Teasel Trophy:                      Sharon King                               Bliss

Holly Trophy:              Richard Hammond                 Indie

Novice Trophy:                       David Farr                               Eddie

B Trophy:                             Brenda Page                            Shadow



Gun Dog Heelwork (excluding A & B classes)
David Farr                               Eddie                                      Golden Retriever 

Tyson Trophy (best effort at Retrieve, not yet achieved)
Peggy Partridge                      Bilbo                                       Giant Schnauser 

Most Improved Terrier (including all classes)
Christine Hobday                    Alfie                                        Border Terrier 

Best Veteran (dogs over 7 years)
Paul White                              Wilson                         Crossbreed 

Lucky Trophy (best Pre-beginner)
Sharon King                            Max                                         Crossbreed 

Best Beginner Recall
Paul White                              Wilson                         Crossbreed
Sue Hall                                  Louis                                       Miniature Poodle 

Best Retrieve
Jo Davison                              Abby                                       Crossbreed 

Best Working Pastorial
Susie Hackett                          Tanner                         German Shepherd 

Best Crossbreed
Hilary Sykes                            Alaksa                                     Crossbreed
Jo Davison                              Abby                                       Crossbreed 

Best Rescue   
Wendy King                            Eric                                          Crossbreed











"If any of you feel you may like to become a Trainer yourself in the future do let us know.    In order to qualify you need to have worked a dog from Puppy Class up to Advanced Class.   You would then be an Assistant with a qualified Trainer for a term in each class before you are assessed for you readiness to have a class of your own